How to Improve Garage Door Security?

Welcome to the improved garage door security world! Prioritizing its defense is critical since your garage door is a key entrance point into your home. Fortunately, you can take several practical steps to improve its security and protect your belongings. This article will look at useful advice and fixes to increase the security of your garage door and prevent would-be burglars.

1. Shed some light

Burglars prefer to commit their crimes under cover of the night, and many of them depend on the shadows cast by your garage to conceal the shady attempts they make to break into your home.

Intruders will think twice about breaking into your garage at night if you install motion-activated lighting near the windows and doors of the garage. Maintaining detached garages out of the shade is made significantly easier with the assistance of motion-detecting lights.

2. Upgrade your outdated garage door opener

There is a direct correlation between the age of your garage door opener and the likelihood of your garage being broken into. It's common knowledge that scanners can quickly decipher the code to an older garage door opener, allowing criminals entry.

If your garage door opener remote shares the same access code as your neighbor's, they might theoretically get entrance to your garage without your knowledge.

More secure than static codes, "rolling code" technology creates a new code each time the remote operates a garage door. In addition to being more efficient and quieter than their predecessors, modern garage door openers are also more quiet.

3. Security Cameras

By strategically positioning security cameras all over the building, you may increase the security of your garage door. These cameras should be utilized to record crimes, respond in real time, and gather information for upcoming garage security initiatives.

Combining passive and active security is always a smart idea so that someone can be informed when a crime is being committed. There is no security on a garage door that is robust enough to survive a serious and prolonged burglary attempt. Criminals will invest the time if they are motivated enough.

Even without a reaction, if you have clearly visible external security cameras, you might be able to stop certain crooks from accessing the garage. Meanwhile, some burglars view your garage security as evidence that there is anything valuable to steal.

4. Put a surveillance system in the garage.

According to several studies, the probability of a home being broken into is drastically reduced when a visible security system is installed there. Having an alarm system that monitors the rest of your home makes sense, but it also makes sense to have an alarm system that specifically watches over your garage.

5. Secure your home entry door

Don't forget to reinforce the door’s safety that goes from your attached garage into the rest of your house while you're working on the garage's other entrances. Even if the theft of power tools and athletic equipment is already a major inconvenience, the situation becomes even more precarious once a burglar gains access to the rest of your home.

First things first, make sure you always remember to keep this front door locked. Installing a high-tech deadbolt, smart lock, or motion sensor won't make much difference if the door isn't locked.

We advise replacing the door with one that has a solid core and fitting it with a deadbolt if you want to make this door even safer than it already is. In addition, the entrance door to your garage is an ideal location for a door sensor, either independent or connected to a sophisticated home security system.


Improving garage door security is essential for safeguarding your house and possessions. You may discourage possible burglars and boost overall safety by investing in a contemporary and durable garage door, using cutting-edge locking systems, and strengthening the door's construction.

Additionally, collaborating with Dako, a company renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, might improve your security efforts even more. To guarantee a secure living environment for you and your loved ones, remember to perform routine maintenance, keep the garage door remote and access code secure, and remain vigilant.

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