How to decorate a home on a low budget?

When decorating a home, it is difficult to find the right balance between functionality, comfort, and style. No matter how much money we spend on decent furniture, the rooms are always missing something, and as a result, they don't look anything like the perfect apartments we see in magazines. 

And it is generally accepted that home interior design and decoration is an expensive pleasure. Actually, it is not. With a little ingenuity, small tricks, and creativity, you can decorate the interior of your home for little money or even free.

We present you some original ideas to decorate the rooms of your house in an inexpensive way.

How to decorate a home on a low budget?

Let's start with the fact that all the ideas below can be implemented with a budget of up to $10-$20. Sounds incredible, but true!

Hang pictures on the walls

Paintings by artists are expensive - that's a fact. But what prevents you from hanging pictures printed from photo stocks on the Internet or hand-drawn instead? Such a work of art can look very impressive.

You will not believe it: but now there is a real boom in drawing lessons on the Internet. The pandemic and isolation have accelerated this trend - people are tired of sitting within four walls doing nothing and are massively mastering the technique of painting in online schools, blogs, and YouTube.


Turn your shoeboxes into decorative items

There are shoe boxes in almost every house. They are usually thrown away last or used for storing shoes for different seasons.

Well, you can give your old shoeboxes a new life and use them as interior decoration. To do this, it is enough to upholster them or paste over them with decorative material (for example, film or jute rope), and then cover them with paper, a piece of woolen cloth, or plywood. Looks cute, right?

Yes, creating your own painting will also cost money. You will need to buy brushes, paints, easels, and canvas. Although, you can save on the latter - you can draw a picture on thick cardboard or plywood if you first prime them with white paint.

If you have no desire to become an artist, then you can go the other way - download your favorite version of the painting on photo stocks and send it to print for printing.


Decorative paper garland

You can also decorate furniture and paintings in the house with a decorative garland. The cost of such an accessory is minimal: all you need is a thread and paper.

If the resulting decor seems boring, decorate it with lace, beads, and buttons. The main thing is not to overdo it with additional details. Sometimes a plain canvas is preferable, especially if the interior is originally colorful.


Patchwork carpet

The patchwork-style carpet is sewn from all sorts of multi-colored and diversified patches. It can be the remains of other floor coverings, leather, old jeans, outerwear, sweaters, shabby upholstery, and any other textile fragments.


The peculiarity of patchwork is in the play of textures and shades and also in its uniqueness. It is basically impossible to make two identical carpets. This decor is good for eclectic interiors, country, province, boho, Scandinavian style, and even a loft.

There are two main manufacturing techniques: stitching different flaps along the edges in a chaotic manner, as well as tying long flaps in a different sequence.


Decorative pillows

One of the most functional accessories is not only practical but also surprisingly cozy. These are not only sofa cushions but also cushions for chairs and armchairs, decor for the bedroom, and decorations for the nursery.

In addition to the usual rectangles and squares, it is easy to sew cushions, round Turkish pillows, pillows with buffs, and complex geometric shapes. Romantic hearts, funny little animals, elegant flowers, luxurious velvet with tassels, delicate silk with lace - do not limit your imagination!


Photos with a world map are suitable for travelers. If you have visited several countries and brought with you not only pleasant impressions but also photographs, use them as ideas for decorating a room.


Decorate the switches

This idea needs to be taken with a bit of humor. It is perfect not only for decorating switches but also for ventilation grilles. A wall looks more interesting when there are unusual elements on it.


Custom wall painting

A plain wall may seem too boring. And what if it is painted in two colors, the lower part is made darker, and the upper part is a couple of tones lighter? Thus, the ceiling will visually appear higher.

Another option is geometric patterns or abstraction, which can be done using masking tape. After the paint dries, it can be easily removed from the wall without damaging the main coating.


Wall stickers 

It will be even easier to use vinyl wall decals. They are sold in almost every supermarket, and they are found in hardware stores or in retail outlets selling needlework products.

The advantages of this design are:

  • Easy sticking and removal without traces on wallpaper and paint;

  • A wide selection of all kinds of pictures and patterns;

  • Possibility of quick replacement.

You can use a similar decor when decorating a room for the holidays when changing the calendar seasons, or changing the interior just out of boredom.


Decor from corks and boards

If you have unnecessary boxes or boards at home, you can make convenient shelves for spices, books, and flowers from them. Boxes or boards are cleaned with sandpaper, painted, and hung upside down against the wall.

With your own hands, you can make a corkboard for notes. To do this, you will need a lot of wine corks, a clerical knife, PVA, and a candy box. Trim the corks so that they are the same length. Make a hole in the box for fastening, thread the tape into it, and fix it. Thickly smear the bottom of the PVA box. Glue the corks one by one. To make the decor even more interesting, paint all or part of the corks with paint.


Let’s Sum Up

A room that looks like a million bucks will always cost more than one that looks like a hundred bucks. To save money, you need to think outside the box and be creative. Follow the ideas we have discussed above and make your home unique, cozy, and attractive. 

If you have more interesting ideas, share them with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family on different social media platforms. 

Thank You! 

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