Sliding door overview

Owners of homes or apartments where terrace doors are required can be called lucky. This means that their interiors will be well lit and thus will also seem more spacious and even more welcoming. And probably the view will be spectacular too! How to choose the perfect terrace door that will meet all of our expectations? We suggest what to look out for and what we can actually find on the market.

Sliding solutions - doors full of advantages!

Terrace doors at their best should be modern, light, and functional. This type of solution is perfect for both apartments and detached houses. A great advantage of sliding systems is the fact that once the sash is opened they do not take up any space in the room and are also characterized by high aesthetics. Modern terrace solutions combine excellent thermal and acoustic insulation together with the safety and comfort of use. Large glazings are of particular interest in innovative and modern project implementations. They are perfect if you want a lot of comfort, daylight, and interior elegance. Projects with large glazings are an option that increases the prestige of the investment and gives it a unique character.

Terrace doors: which type will be ideal?

A modern interior cannot do without terrace doors as they give the interior an elegant and unique look. They become an entrance to the balcony or terrace, a passage to the garden, or to the back of the property. It is best to think about them as soon as the design stage, as the market offers several types of doors that differ not only in appearance and opening method but also in material. What type of terrace door will work well in your home?

Drzwi podnoszono-przesuwne HST

HST lift-sliding – This type of door is a prestigious solution and at the same time is very comfortable to use. The door operation is based on an innovative lift-and-slide opening system, which allows the movable sash to open and close easily. Additionally, due to the fact that the threshold is concealed in the floor, terrace doors of this type are ideal in houses where accessibility and comfort of movement is important, e.g. in the case of small children or mobility problems of the elderly or disabled. HST terrace doors are also available in a very effective corner option. If only such a solution can be afforded, the corner terrace doors will bring even more light into the house and will give the impression of a huge but welcoming space. Such a solution will also give us a beautiful panoramic view outside the window.

HKS tilt-sliding and PAS hoist-sliding – In both of these types of sliding solutions, the mechanism is fairly similar - when you press the handle, the sash first gently slides out of the frame and then moves along a special rail, parallel to the door frame. An additional advantage of these versions is the ability of sash tilting, which gives an additional ventilation option without having to open the entire sash. HKS and PAS solutions are also attractively priced.

The big advantage of all types of sliding doors is the significant space-saving, especially in smaller areas, so it's a great solution for apartments and smaller rooms. If the sliding door is an entrance to the garden or terrace, you can easily place furniture next to it.

Drzwi odstawno-przesuwne PAS

Drzwi uchylno-przesuwne HKS

Folding door – In this type of solution, the individual sashes fold to the side edges. This makes it possible to fold the door and obtain a full walkway, which is particularly useful in the case of smaller spaces where the possibility of using all available space plays a significant role (as for example, in the case of small terraces or balconies).

Drzwi harmonijkowe

Patio doors – choose the best material

Regardless of what type of door material we choose, we can be sure that each of them guarantees solid workmanship as well as high energy efficiency. But what should we pay attention to when choosing the door material for our own specific space?

We can choose from three basic materials from which terrace doors are normally produced PVC, wood, and aluminum. Additionally, we may also decide to choose joinery with aluminum cladding (vinyl-aluminum) or a technologically advanced solution combining wood and aluminum in one profile (wood-aluminum doors available in 78mm series).

Each of the available variants guarantees thermal insulation at a sufficiently high level, which allows for ensuring thermal comfort indoors and has an impact on reducing the costs of heating the house or apartment.

Vinyl doors are the most popular solution chosen by customers. The great success of vinyl solutions is linked to their favorable price on the one hand and their functionality on the other. PVC terrace doors can be easily integrated into both very traditional interiors as well as those maintained in a Scandinavian style or slightly more modern.

Wooden terrace doors look particularly beautiful in large, elegant rooms. They are perfect for unique, elegant designs, where aesthetics at the highest level also play an important role. Wooden doors look great both in modern buildings as well as stylized interiors. Moreover, doors of this type are very solid and resistant to weather conditions and also resistant to possible damage resulting from everyday use.

Drewniane drzwi tarasowe

Aluminum patio doors – this solution will be ideal for those who care about a unique, modern space. Aluminum profiles allow structures of very large dimensions to be made. An additional advantage is the very thin profiles from which the doors are made, which makes the glazing more lightweight and construction elements do not take up valuable glass space and do not obstruct the view. Terrace for modern design fans? The DA-77 HST corner option is perfect for private houses as well as modern commercial buildings such as office buildings - a window of this type can certainly give your house character.

Drzwi tarasowe aluminiowe

The most prestigious solution available at DAKO is the HST lift-and-slide terrace door which apart from its aesthetic value, is distinguished by the possibility of aligning the threshold with the floor - exceptional comfort of use and the option of the remote control is also available. Nevertheless, if we do not mind a slightly higher threshold, but we do care about the possibility of ventilation and an attractive price, it is worth paying attention to, for example, a model in the HKS tilt-sliding system.

Perfect patio door: What is worth asking?

When looking for the best terrace doors, first of all, consider your needs and expectations. If you wish to have convenient access between the house and the garden, ask whether, as in the case of DAKO models, the door threshold can be aligned with the floor. Pay attention to how large the glazing area is and whether the door maintains appropriate heat parameters. It is also worth considering who will be using the chosen solutions and what kind of interior character you are dreaming of. Taking all these elements into consideration you will surely be able to make a final decision.

Remember that terrace doors should combine functionality and durability as well as a beautiful design - and you don't have to choose between these benefits. So it's best to opt for one that meets all our expectations!

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