Silent windows

Acoustic insulation, otherwise known as window silencing, is one of the features that significantly affect the
comfort of living. With more urbanized cities comes more noisy streets, which can negatively impact our health,
causing fatigue, stress, or insomnia.
The comfort of your own home or apartment is priceless for our well being; therefore, adequately selected
glass to keep the outside noise is a priority.

What affects the volume in an apartment or house?

Of course, living in a big city has an entirely different noise level than living in a quiet town. Even in a city, we might find places exposed to very high noise and quiet and secluded areas, where superior protection becomes unnecessary. Depending on how exposed a building is to a sound coming from outside, a different security level is needed. Sometimes even within one building, different acoustic solutions are required. A house whose bedroom window overlooks a busy street will need more protection than rooms with windows on the opposite side. Therefore, the decision to equip the joinery with unique acoustic solutions depends primarily on the residence and the noise level. What are the possibilities of choosing acoustic solutions? At least a few, but more on that in a moment.


How to silence the window from the street?

Let us assume a situation in which most of the population lives in cities and towns dealing with typical street noises, such as cars, trains, raised voices, and the like. There are many possibilities to mute the interior with windows by selecting glass with enhanced sound absorption components. DAKO's offers two solutions in the field of glass that increase soundproofing.

  • Laminated sound-absorbing glass is the solution with the best acoustics. Additionally, it significantly improves resident’s safety due to the reinforced laminate. They are used in the case of high exposure of the building to external noise.
  • Sound-absorbing glazing units guarantee sound insulation at the optimal level. These packages are a common choice for customers, especially when they live in an area with moderate to low noise exposure.

To properly soundproof rooms, we should start with the window and choose the right solution tailored to your needs.


Are soundproofing solutions effective?

Yes, of course! Choosing a proven glass with increased soundproofing is the best solution for quiet and peaceful interiors. Most customers looking for the best acoustic solutions decide to buy 3-pane packages, believing that this choice has the best soundproofing properties. Nothing could be more wrong! It is not the number of panes but the thickness of the glass that has a direct impact on increasing the acoustics of the window. Simply put, the thicker the glass, the more effective sound insulation it provides. The addition of another material to the glass, like a laminated sound-absorbing film, significantly increases its acoustic properties. Laminated glass is a solution recommended for buildings with high exposure to noise like those near airports. The most popular glazing package recommended to customers living in a large urban agglomeration, or near busy streets is a double-glazed single-chamber package with two panes of a thickness of 4 mm and 6 mm.


Other ways to silence the apartment

It is vital to choose the appropriate windows with sound-absorbing glass at the stage of designing the house or when replacing the window joinery, but what do we do to combat noise outside in a different or less invasive way? The most frequently proposed solution is the installation of suspended ceilings. By installing them in a room, we can significantly affect their soundproofing, but the downside of this solution is reducing space that not all can afford. Another method is the installation of shutters or external roller blinds. Not only will they help to soundproof the room, but they can also become a stylish accessory. We can also use the method that will appeal to fans of interiors with a lot of accessories. This method is to equip the room with textiles, such as curtains, pillows, or a soft carpet. Of course, this will not guarantee the level of noise reduction as dedicated, sound-absorbing glass solutions, but it is worth trying, especially if our problem is typical city noise.

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