Easy and Nice DIY Home Decor Ideas That Will Uplift Your Mood

Do you feel like your home is missing something? Is it old, outdated, and in need of some TLC? You don't have to spend a lot of money on new furniture or change everything. There are tons of really easy and nice DIY home decor ideas that cost next to nothing! In this post, you'll get lots of ideas for projects you can do quickly without breaking the bank. Plus, you'll get to learn how to make new useful household items by following these DIY home decor ideas.

1. Oversized Painted Quilt Square

If you love old quilts these oversized painted quilt squares will make a perfect addition to your room. They are easy to paint and are even cheaper than buying a new one.

2. DIY Wood Bar Stools

These cool stools are made for a fraction of the cost of even a cheap wooden stool. The best part is you can customize it to suit your style with paint color and choice of wood, the price will not stop you from making these cool DIY wood bar stools! 

3. Iron Plant Holder

This is another great DIY home decor idea that can be made without spending a lot of money on it or having to go out and buy all kinds of new plants. This DIY iron plant holder project is really easy to do and it costs next to nothing! 

4. Giant Jenga Game

The giant Jenga game is inexpensive if you buy it from somewhere, besides you can actually make it for free with wood from your own backyard. It's an awesome way to liven up your home and make it look uniquely yours!

5. DIY Wooden Shelving

If you have a lot of extra books, you can make this great DIY wooden shelf and use it to organize all of those you don't need anymore. It's just as easy as painting a quilt square and is a great way to save money on bookshelves in your house. If you can do it with paint, then why not do it with wood?

6. DIY Large Picture Frame Or Wall Decor

This is another great idea that doesn't cost a lot but gives the look of spending so much money on something. It's great for those who want a unique home decorating style and can't afford to buy new home decor objects. 

7. DIY Wall Clock

If you have a whole bunch of wall clocks that don't get used anymore, then why not make a giant one? You don't have to spend money on new ones when you can make your own DIY wall clock at home! 

9. Wood Platform Bed

Sometimes the best way to wake up in the morning is by sliding into a soft bed. If you love this feeling, one of the best ways to get it is with a nice soft platform bed that you make yourself. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like for next to nothing!

10. Metal Tray Coffee Table

Looking for a nice and unique coffee table? This DIY metal tray coffee table idea could be a great unique piece that doesn't cost too much at all. The best part is it doesn't take long to make either. 

11. Wooden Outdoor Bench

If you like to sit outdoors but don't have an outdoor bench or chair, why not try making your own? It's so easy and nice DIY home decor idea that anyone can do without spending too much money!

12. Oversized Painted Wooden Picture Frame

If you need a new wall decor to hang in your home, then try making this oversized paint and put it into a painted wood picture frame. The perfect way to add some rich color to the room and make it look unique!

13. DIY Shaving Mirror

This is one great way to make your home look warm and inviting if you have a bathroom with no mirror. A simple shaving mirror is easy to make and is an inexpensive project that anyone can do! 

14. Painted Bookshelves

Give your bookshelves a refresh with this easy DIY home decor idea. These painted bookshelves are easy to paint and give them new life with a fresh coat of paint. The best part is you don't have to repaint them if you don't want to either!

15. DIY Wood Frame Painting

Let's talk about this simple statement piece. You can make this DIY wood frame painting if you are looking for a nice decoration in your home that takes a little bit of personality!

16. DIY Vintage Chalkboard

Love the idea of a new chalkboard in the kitchen, but don't want to spend a lot of money on it? One of the best ways to get one for cheap is by making your own DIY vintage chalkboard.  

17. DIY Wood Coat Rack

A simple coat rack like this is so easy to make and it doesn't cost much at all! It's a perfect way to hang your coats and hats next to your front door or in any hallway you choose. You can customize it by sanding or painting the wood or leaving it natural for a rustic look.

18. DIY Iron Tripod Lamp

This DIY iron tripod lamp is a perfect way to make a unique piece of home decor. It's so easy and works like a charm if you want something that easily compliments your home decor of choice. 

19. DIY Mirror Frame

Looking for an easy way to add some vintage style to your home? Try this simple DIY mirror frame with vinyl letters, they can be painted any color you want and then hung up! The best part is that it looks like you spent a lot of money on it! 

20. DIY Mason Jar Planters

If you are looking for an easy way to add flowers or herbs to your home then try making these DIY Mason jar planters yourself. They are perfect for anyone who loves the look of vintage glass jars but doesn't have a lot of cash to spend on them. 

Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the best DIY home decor ideas that won't break your budget! Give them a try and let us know how it goes for you! Hopefully, some of these projects will inspire you to make your own DIY home decor or could even help you save money on stuff you already want to buy. For more information visit Dako Windows.

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