Decorating Your Front Door For Christmas

It's another year for Christmas, and Christmas tree lights, the nativity scene, and all the traditional decorations of the time are already burning in millions of homes around the world. In many homes, decorating the front door of the house is also customary, which is a great way to change the natural aesthetic of all neighborhoods. Traditionally, a Christmas wreath is placed on the doors of houses.

This type of ornament is very bright; it can be found in all kinds of materials and prices, as every year, there are new trends in line with the new fashion. You can even make your own door crown home with simple materials.  In the article, we have collected beautiful door decoration ideas to make your holidays bright and memorable.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Door


Many consider a wreath for decorating the interior for Christmas as a real classic among the festive attributes. You can make a decorative element yourself or by buying a ready-made version.

Decorating the room is easy with such New Year's wreaths:

  • from artificial or natural needles. Supplement the composition with cones, ribbons, and New Year's toys;
  • from rods. Use actually thin willow twigs; if they do not bend well, then they are pre-soaked in water. You can attach twine, beads, acorns, cones, and ribbons to a Christmas wreath;
  • from sweets. A wreath made of sweet candies or dried orange skins looks very elegant and tasty;
  • from wine corks and cones. It will be possible to make an ornament on your own, where only cones or corks are used; if desired, it is easy to supplement the product with other New Year's attributes.

In the process of creating a wreath, it is important to use bright berries, walnuts, bows, a boot, rain, and tinsel. Making a circle is not difficult, especially if you find helpers.

Stars made of thread or paper

Another interesting decor option will be New Year's stars on the door. Making an ornament from threads of yarn or paper is not difficult. The asterisk is prepared from materials of any color (red, white, blue, etc.).

Before you create a product from threads, you will need to take PVA glue, yarn, a piece of foam, and pushpins. The process of preparing crafts includes several stages:

  1. A star layout is drawn on foam plastic with a pencil. Buttons are inserted along the contour of the figure.
  2. Glue and a little water are poured into a shallow saucer. Threads for yarn are wetted in the solution.
  3. The sticky thread wraps around the contour of the star (along the buttons) to end up with a clear figure. The threads are laid in curls inside the star.

After the star is completely dry, you only need to remove the buttons and hang the product on the door.


This Christmas's attribute will delight both residents and guests. A beautiful snowman will be the real pride of every homeowner. In the process of its manufacture, you will need to prepare a lot of bending branches. Three wreaths (different in diameter) are alternately made from wooden branches. Mugs are painted over from a spray can with white or silver paint.

Decorate the snowman with a hat and scarf. Eyes and a nose in the form of a carrot are made of felt, which is glued to the upper mug. Black buttons are attached in the center (they can also be made from fabric). Two thin branches on the sides of the figure act as arms. If desired, it will be possible to build a snowman from spruce branches, cones, balls, wire, and rain.


With the help of newsprint or music sheets, it is easy to make a large snowflake on the door yourself. Before you build a decoration from music sheets, you must first cut a small circle out of cardboard. After that, a large number of envelopes are prepared from paper (as for seeds). They are glued in a circle, and the center of the snowflake is decorated with a paper flower from a music notebook.

The original decoration of the interior will be a snowflake from newspapers. To prepare this interesting version of the New Year's decor, a large number of newspaper airplanes are pre-made. Crafts are glued on cardboard in two rows. If desired, it will be possible to prepare other patterns for the snowflake; for this, you need to glue the airplanes in a chaotic manner.

Christmas flags on the door

Decorating a door with the help of flags is not difficult, as this is a very simple and versatile decoration. They can be made in any color palette and from various materials. A garland of flags will look quite impressive on the door. To prepare the application, you will need to take the colored paper, ribbon, and a hole punch. Triangles with a pattern in the form of snowflakes or stars look beautiful on the door.

Festive flags can have a rectangular shape and rounded or pointed ends. It will also be easy to sew a product from pieces of fabric of various colors if you show a little diligence and spend time. From above, you can decorate the flags with snowflakes, a snowman, gifts, or bells.

Skates as the main decoration

It is unusual to decorate the door for the New Year with the help of this simple element. If there is an old pair of skates in the house, then you should not miss the moment. Hang these things on a small mount on the door.

An old pair of shoes will look festive if you think of additional decor. Pine branches, red berries, cones, and satin ribbons are pre-prepared. Before putting the bouquet in the middle of the shoes, the composition is collected in neat bunches. The most inventive homeowners can carve small skates from tree branches and paint them in different colors. The decor is hung on a ribbon and fixed in the center of the door.

Gift door decor

A real surprise for passers-by and guests will be the front door, decorated as a gift. This option looks very unusual and allows you to immediately tune in to the holiday atmosphere when you visit the apartment. Everyone will be able to build a decoration, especially if you enlist the help of relatives in preparation.

When buying improvised materials, it is enough to buy a large piece (for the entire perimeter of the door) of foil gift paper. In another color, a wide ribbon and a bow are selected. In the process of needlework, you will need to take scissors and glue. You can attach a ribbon and a bow anywhere on the door - it all depends on the imagination of the owner of the house.

Let’s Sum Up

After reviewing the ideas and photos listed above, you can decide on the decor for the New Year and Christmas. Many of the options are ideal for both holidays, so you don’t have to spend time preparing holiday paraphernalia twice. The most creative homeowners can even resort to the kanzashi technique and create a floral door arrangement.

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