DAKO projects: windows and doors in an Italian villa

Our windows and doors are popular in many countries. DAKO joinery decorates many apartments, service buildings and detached houses all over the world. One of our most interesting projects from the recent years are the products that have found their way into a one-storey Italian villa.

The Italian villa: a classic with a modern twist


The house, whose owners have decided to choose DAKO joinery, is an Italian villa situated in an exceptionally scenic location. The building is surrounded by gardens and some of the windows overlook the mountains. The villa was built and decorated in accordance with the latest architectural trends - however, in the project you can also see the inspiration of classic solutions, which were adapted to the current conditions such as wooden parquet floors, slightly sloping wooden ceiling and fireplace. Spacious interiors are characterized by innovative yet cozy design.

Selected solutions

The investors opted for solutions made of meranti wood:

  • HST terrace sliding doors (sizes adapted to individual rooms)
  • Windows - opening and non-opening
  • Large fix type glazings (fixed glazings)
  • Entrance door of their own design

Light, space, beautiful views

okna drewniane drzwi tarasowe DAKO 6

The rooms in the villa are very spacious - so it was necessary to take care of their good natural lighting. It is provided by large glazing, which additionally enlarges the rooms optically. An appropriate effect was achieved by using several types of glazing. HST sliding terrace doors were installed in majority of the rooms: they not only provide large amounts of daylight, but also comfortably connect the interiors with the garden or terrace. Due to the considerable size of the villa, this is a convenient solution, allowing access to the external areas of the house without having to walk a long distance. In the living room, in addition large FIX (fixed, non-opening) type of glazings have been placed. They extend from the floor to the high ceiling, adding originality to the design while allowing you to admire the beautiful views outside the windows at the same time. The choice of fixed glazing in the case of such large windows has made it possible to achieve a beautiful aesthetic effect while reducing joinery costs – non-opening windows are cheaper than opening ones and they obtain better thermal insulation parameters.

Joinery well suited to the aesthetics of the building

okna drewniane drzwi tarasowe DAKO 3
okna drewniane drzwi tarasowe DAKO 4

The joinery was chosen to best fit the design of the house - combining a touch of classic with modern trends. All windows and terrace doors are made of wood. The investors have decided on luxurious meranti in a warm, transparent color, exposing the grain of the wood. Classic wood adds elegance to the design and blends perfectly with the wooden elements used for the interior design and wall decoration from the outside. The light color warms up the rooms and emphasizes their cozy character. On the other hand, large glazings and in some cases, unusual shapes - such as long, horizontal glazing in the kitchen or the very large fixed glazing in the living room - fit well into the modern style of the building. The front doors and those at the back of the house have also been chosen to match both the character of the villa and the rest of the joinery elements. They were made according to an individual project - just like the windows made of light meranti wood.

Appropriately selected window and door joinery has helped to emphasize the character of the villa and give it a very unique look. It also allows the household members to admire the beautiful surrounding views.

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