DAKO Exterior Roller Shutters: A Modern Visual and Functional Solution

Exterior roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular in single-family homes and apartments. They are not only an aesthetic addition to a building's façade but also serve multiple functions that enhance the comfort and security of the occupants. DAKO, a company renowned for producing high-quality window coverings, offers a wide range of exterior roller shutters that meet both aesthetic and functional needs. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of DAKO exterior roller shutters, their benefits, and their applications.

Types of DAKO Exterior Roller Shutters

DK-RSP Flush-Mounted Exterior Roller Shutters

Flush-mounted roller shutters are installed on the exterior side of the window, beneath the surface of the façade. This makes them almost invisible, enhancing the building's aesthetic appeal. However, the installation of these shutters is only possible during the construction or major renovation of the building, as it requires appropriate window recesses. Flush-mounted roller shutters offer high thermal and acoustic insulation, significantly reducing heating costs and improving indoor acoustic comfort.

Top-Mounted Exterior Roller Shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters are installed directly on the window and are available in two box shapes: round and square. Due to their flexibility, they can be installed at various stages of construction, making them more versatile than flush-mounted shutters. Top-mounted roller shutters provide excellent protection against weather conditions and enhance the building's thermal insulation. Their design allows for easy maintenance through a revision flap located inside the room.

Surface-Mounted Exterior Roller Shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters are installed on the building's façade without interfering with its structure. They come in three box shapes, allowing them to be tailored to the architectural style of the building. Surface-mounted shutters are ideal for existing buildings where the installation of other types of shutters would be difficult or impossible. They provide effective protection against the sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions and increase acoustic insulation.

Benefits of Exterior Roller Shutters

Energy Savings and Thermal Insulation

DAKO exterior roller shutters contribute significantly to energy savings for heating and cooling the building. In the summer, they prevent excessive sunlight from heating the rooms, reducing the need for air conditioning. In winter, they enhance thermal insulation, reducing heat loss through the windows and lowering heating bills.

Protection Against Weather Conditions

Exterior roller shutters effectively protect windows from harmful weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain, and snow. Closed shutters prevent the fading of window frames' colors and protect against mechanical damage caused by strong winds or precipitation.

Acoustic Insulation

Using exterior roller shutters can significantly reduce the level of noise coming from outside. This is particularly important in buildings located in noisy areas, close to roads or railways. Closed shutters create an additional sound barrier, improving acoustic comfort inside the rooms.

Enhanced Security

DAKO exterior roller shutters, even those without anti-burglary classification, provide an effective barrier for potential burglars. They make it difficult to access the windows, increasing the residents' sense of security and protecting the home from unwanted intruders.

Light Control and Privacy

Exterior roller shutters allow for light control according to current needs. They make it easy to control the amount of light entering the interior, which is especially useful on hot, sunny days. Additionally, closed shutters provide complete privacy, protecting against curious neighbors and passersby.

Choosing the Right Roller Shutter System

  • Installation Stage

Choosing the right roller shutter system largely depends on the stage at which their installation is planned. Flush-mounted and top-mounted shutters require consideration in the building's design or installation during window replacement. Surface-mounted shutters can be installed at any time, making them a more universal solution.

  • Box Location

The roller shutter box can be located outside the building or in the window recess. Choosing the appropriate location depends on aesthetic preferences and technical installation possibilities. A box placed under the façade surface is invisible, improving the building's appearance.

  • Revision Flap

The revision flap, used for maintenance and servicing the shutter, can be located outside the building or inside the room. An external flap allows easy access to the shutter mechanisms without disturbing the residents, which is a significant advantage in case of repairs.

Comfort Through Automation

Manual and Remote Control

DAKO exterior roller shutters can be manually operated using pull straps or remotely controlled with shutters equipped with electric drives. More and more customers are opting for automation, which provides convenience and ease of use. Electric drives allow programming of the shutters, enabling optimal use of sunlight and energy savings.

Smart Home Integration

Modern roller shutter motors can be controlled wirelessly, allowing integration with smart home systems. This way, the shutters can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, or voice-activated systems, significantly increasing user comfort. Automated shutters can be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day, helping to manage energy and maintain the appropriate indoor temperature.

Why Choose DAKO Exterior Roller Shutters?

Choosing DAKO exterior roller shutters guarantees high quality and reliability. DAKO offers products that meet the highest standards in terms of both technical performance and aesthetics. With a wide range of available solutions, every customer can find a product perfectly suited to their needs. Investing in DAKO exterior roller shutters not only provides an aesthetic and functional finishing element for your home but also ensures a good choice that will bring benefits for many years.


DAKO exterior roller shutters are a modern solution that combines aesthetics with functionality. With various types of shutters, DAKO offers products tailored to individual customer needs and preferences. Exterior roller shutters contribute to energy savings, enhance thermal and acoustic insulation, protect against weather conditions, and improve home security. Automation and integration with smart home systems further increase user comfort. By choosing DAKO exterior roller shutters, you invest in a modern and efficient solution that will improve the quality of life in your home.

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