Common Garage Door Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Problems with garage doors are something that all of us have faced at some point. Suppose you've observed that your garage is operating at a slower rate than usual, generating a lot more noise than usual, or appearing uneven. In that case, there are probably one or two things that you can do to correct it.

Suppose you are having problems with your garage door. In that case, we have outlined some common remedies and highlighted the situations in which you should seek the services of a trained professional for further assistance.

1. Opening or closing issues

Being trapped behind the door is the worst possible situation, and your garage should make your life easier. You can try a few do-it-yourself remedies for the garage if you're having this problem.


Your door may be out of balance and malfunctioning. Turn off the electricity and manually lift the door to check the balance. It is balanced and on course if it remains put. If it doesn't, you might have a deeper problem.

The fuse itself can perhaps be the issue. If all your batteries are in good condition, but your door still won't move, you might have a blown fuse. If the other lights in your house are still on, there might be something more serious wrong with the door opener. After performing these short checks, contact a garage door repair specialist. If it doesn’t open or close.

2. Blocking of Sensors

Some sensors may be blocked or obstructed if you're having trouble opening or shutting your door.


You must look for any potential signal-blocking objects to guarantee that your remote and door operate as needed. Ensure no bushes or other vegetation is in the way of the sensor while using your remote.

Additionally, inspecting the antenna for any debris or buildup that might obstruct the signal would be best. A straightforward repair is to realign the antenna if it becomes out of alignment occasionally.

3. Roller Issues

Whether your system's rollers are made of nylon, steel, or plastic will affect how long they survive.


Corroded or old rollers can make it difficult to open your door. Lubricating them is what you should do first. Replace them if they are still giving you problems. Typically, rollers only function up to their maximum cycle limit. To ensure a flawless roller replacement, track when your rollers are approaching the end of their useful life.

4. Remote Control Is Inoperative

Similar to the above issues, a broken remote control might be inconvenient. Similar to the keypad, batteries are frequently the blame for broken remote controls.


Check to see whether the issue is resolved immediately by changing the batteries. Similarly, the remote may be too far away. The motor receives a signal from the remote. The signal won't be strong enough to function from too far away. See if it will help if you try to get closer.

If none of these methods are successful, the photo-eye sensors may malfunction. Ensure the alignment is to the front of the home, check the path for obstructions, and clean the lenses to enhance signal capturing.

5. Slow Opening

There are several reasons doors could open slowly, and they can easily be a source of aggravation.


Check your rollers to make sure they haven't dried out. Additionally, you should assess the state of your tracks. You'll need to clean them off if you see much dirt on them.

Your rails and rollers will continue to travel smoothly if you keep them thoroughly oiled. These sections are more prone to drying out quickly in areas where the temperature is exceptionally hot or cold. Plan to offer your system routine maintenance at least twice a year as a general guideline.


Remember that timely repairs and routine maintenance are essential to your garage door's longevity and smooth operation. Consult a trustworthy company like Dako for assistance if you run into more complicated problems or are unclear on handling specific concerns. Your garage door will continue to perform its function with the utmost reliability if you rely on our knowledge and experience to help you overcome any obstacles that might crop up. This will give you peace of mind.

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