Choosing the Best Curtains for Winter

Choosing the Best Curtains for Winter

Every year, with the advent of autumn, a period of cold weather inevitably sets in when there is a  lack of heat, sun, and bright colors. We spend more and more time in the closed space of our house, where we want to hide from the frosty penetrating wind and winter cold behind thick curtains of warm, bright colors. To do this, you need to “change” your windows into a winter set of curtains, which is what interior designers recommend doing.

Choosing winter curtains

Initially, curtains served to protect the room from dust and dirt, drafts, and excess sunlight, as well as from extraneous curiosity. When choosing winter curtains, one should not lose sight of their direct purpose: they should combine decorativeness with practicality in order to create the effect of warmth, coziness, and comfort in the house. This is quite simple to do, for this you just need to decide on some parameters of the curtains:

Color solution

When choosing curtains for the winter, you should pay attention to the tone, texture, color, and pattern of the fabric. Do not forget about the texture of the fabric because the same shade will look different depending on the composition and density of the curtain fabric.

Moreover, the choice of color and fabric also depends on the location of the windows in relation to the cardinal points. If they are southern, it is recommended to decorate them with thick linen curtains, which perfectly absorb the heat of the sun, thereby warming the room and filling it with comfort. Northern windows will help to insulate and visually fill with light beige curtains in bright shades.

Usually, designers recommend warm colors - beige, yellow, with a slight mustard tint or terracotta colors will visually warm the room, and dark ones will create the effect of gloom, which is already enough in winter. Some other recommended colors are: 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Greens
  • Red
  • Beige
  • White

Such curtains will not irritate, remove the gloomy atmosphere in the room and visually warm the eye, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house.

Creating additional light

The lack of sunlight in winter is one of the problems that can be dealt with some simple tricks. To do this, pay attention to transparent tulle curtains with a rainbow tint. In them, light refraction of the sun's rays occurs, which is enhanced in the folds and assemblies of the fabric, and then reflected and gently fills the room with the warmth of natural light.
To visually increase the space filled with light, you should hang a mirror next to the window for the winter. The rays will be reflected from it and fill the room with heat, thereby creating the effect of additional illumination. 

Sizes of winter curtains

A significant part of the heat in the room during the cold period is provided by heating radiators, which are traditionally located under the windows. Often long curtains close them, which significantly reduces the quality of heat transfer. Many solve this problem by tucking or bending the curtains, thereby spoiling the appearance of the window. The most preferred option is short winter curtains, just below the level of the windowsill. If they are not available, it is possible to select long curtains to the middle and fix them with decorative fasteners.

It is impossible to insulate a window for the winter so that it does not blow out of it at all, and even plastic windows still let in a little cold. A lambrequin hung from above will insulate the room from above and prevent drafts from entering the room. But here, it should be remembered that this decor element is not suitable for all interior styles. In addition, in the presence of low ceilings, you should refuse to use it.

Double layer curtains

When “dressing” windows for the winter, you should pay attention to multi-layered options. All of them are made according to the same principle: two or three panels are sewn together or simply fixed on one cornice. The fabric can be taken completely different in color and texture. Such curtains significantly insulate windows and do not allow cold air to cool the room.

Curtain application in the interior


In the kitchen, practical roller and Roman blinds are most often used. Also, quite often, you can find products on garters or short curtains.

A creative pattern of warm colors will perfectly enliven the twilight in the kitchen and give a feeling of warmth and comfort in the room.

Living room

Any curtains are suitable for the hall, depending on the interior design. The main thing is the harmony of the colors of the fabric with the walls and furniture upholstery.

If the hall is large, and the heat from the radiator is sorely lacking, it is better to sew short curtains or products with the ability to adjust the height. It can be Austrian, Chinese, English, French, or other lifting curtains. This will allow you to lower the curtains only to the radiator without blocking access of warm air.


In the bedroom, it is desirable to use warm and calm colors that will help you relax and unwind.

If there is also a lack of heat in the bedroom, it is better to sew curtains with a lifting mechanism or sliding ones.

Children's room

For the children's room, as well as for the kitchen, it is better to use fabrics with warm and cheerful patterns.

The style of curtains should be chosen based on the design of the room or the need for warmth; it can be both classic and minimalist.

Let’s Sum Up 

When choosing curtains, you must consider which side of the world your windows face, the height of the ceilings, the size of the windows, the style and color palette of the interior, and the functional purpose of the curtains. In this way, you will select the perfect curtains for winter. 

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