Choose window profiles that are best for your home

Technical features contribute to the ergonomics and comfort of using windows. The right selection of windows can significantly reduce heating bills, silence the room, ensure a high inflow of light to the interior, and protect the building against burglars. All these features include the technology and materials used in the production of windows. The most common are window frames made of vinyl, wood, or aluminum. In addition to adequately selecting frames, the glass installed is as important. At DAKO, we offer several glazing packages adapted to the various needs of customers.

If you need more light in the room, choose panes from the Heat and Lighting series.

Glazing packages with high solar light transmittance support the room’s heating and allow it to be adequately illuminated. The use of these windows is perfect for rooms located on the north side of the buildings since it is less exposed to sunlight than rooms on the south side. The choice of window panes yielding a high level of illumination and heating of spaces with the use of the sunlight is a way to reduce heating bills and electricity consumption and generate savings.

The maximum energy efficiency of windows with highly insulated glass.

Energy-efficient houses provide greater comfort to the household members, are environmentally friendly, and reduce bills related to heating and air conditioning. One of the methods of minimizing energy loss is installing windows with glazing that have a high thermal insulation index. This means that in winter, the glass will release the heat obtained from heating more slowly, and in summer, it will keep the room at a low temperature for longer. The glazing units used in energy-saving windows are made of four layers. This ensures one of the lowest heat transfer coefficients (U = 0.3 W / sq m). Behind such a great result are three inter-pane chambers filled with a noble gas, such as krypton, which is also a temperature insulator. Unfortunately, high thermal insulation comes at the expense of other features. In glazing with high thermal insulation properties, the coefficients of light and solar energy transmittance are twice as low as windows providing high sunlight in the room. This makes energy-saving windows an ideal choice for rooms with southern exposure that are usually better lit by sunlight.

Safety glasses provide high protection against cuts.

Panes with different technical properties can be joined together to form special glass packages. These window packages gain new features that make it even better perform their role. An excellent example of combining two features of window panes are the safe packages with toughened glass. Combining these means the glass does not break down into small pieces after breaking, and the remains of broken glass are devoid of sharp edges. The second form of protection is glued glazing, which protects against injury in case of breakage. A thin layer of transparent foil sticks to the glass, keeping it in one piece if broken.

Anti-burglary glass as an effective method for burglars.

In rooms on the ground floor, which are more exposed to burglary attempts, it is worth considering installing anti-burglary glass that will effectively resist strong blows with blunt or sharp objects. Anti-burglary glass has the features of safety glass but is much more challenging to break. The window's safety class is defined by a symbol P3 or P4. The P4 window class indicates that the glazing unit, consisting of two glass panes glued together, has been additionally equipped with four layers of protective films. Choosing anti-burglary glass makes the quality of protection comparable to roller shutters or metal window grilles without disturbing the building’s aesthetics. It is worth mentioning that glass in the P1-P3 class is safe but does not prevent burglaries. Reliable protection against intruders will be provided by P4-P5 class windows for single-family homes, while P6, P7, and P8 are most often used in retail shops and jewelry stores.

Soundproof panes provide good sound insulation in rooms.

The second feature that defines the use of windows, apart from thermal insulation properties, is the degree to which they allow acoustic waves to pass through. The ability to silent sounds is often the most significant characteristic of good quality windows. When selecting glass suppressing acoustic waves, one should take into account the distance from the noise source and the acoustic insulation index (Rw). According to research, traffic noise with an average intensity outside rush hours is effectively suppressed by windows with an acoustic insulation index of approximately 35dB. These glass panes owe their soundproofing to production technology because they are often laminated with a protective film and glued together.


The combination of panes with different properties allows you to achieve a variety tailored to individual needs. By combining the panes, you can get a soundproof, energy-saving, and anti-burglary window in one. A well thought out decision on selecting a specific type of window glass allows you to avoid many disappointments in the future, such as high heating bills, poor room lighting, insufficient sound insulation, and burglary. To help you choose the right window glass, our qualified advisors will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your home.

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