Best Cottagecore Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

A cottagecore interior design idea is a home that features various aspects of country living. Whether you live on a farm or in the country, this style can be great for your home. It has an emphasis on rustic nature, natural textiles, and geometric shapes, as well as mixes and matches colors to create the perfect feel for any room.

Whether you want to capture the feel of your own countryside retreat or just want to furnish your new kitchen with a classic look, these ideas will help you get started.

Rustic Country Style

Another cottagecore interior design idea is to create a rustic country-style living room. If you don't live in the countryside, this would be great in your cottage or holiday home. You can achieve this look by using nature-based materials such as wood, stone, brick, and bricks to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, you can use different shades of wood furniture such as wicker to emphasize the warmth and earthy feel. You can also paint a wooden door on your front porch using a darker shade of paint so that it looks like it's made from stone. You can also add some metal farm-looking decorations to decorate your front porch so that it creates an outdoor room.

As for the furniture, use wooden pieces with rustic and country elements such as large wooden chests, rope chairs, wicker chairs, and wrought iron tables. For textiles, use the same texture scheme used for cottagecore interior design ideas mentioned above. This can be achieved by simply alternating between light textiles such as cotton and linen or silk with dark textiles such as wool, corduroy, and velvet.

To make your walls look more rustic country-style, you can create a wall collage filled with pictures of nature.

Greens And Flowers

Another cottagecore interior design idea is to create a rustic country-style living room that features greens and flowers. You can achieve this look by using soft wool or plush faux fur in the place of carpets on the floor. This can be interspersed with smaller pieces of fabric as well such as rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. You can also add small hanging baskets filled with colorful fresh flowers that give off a country feel. To make your walls look more rustic, use geometric shapes and natural accents such as exposed beams and sturdy wooden pieces like tables and chairs. You can also add a stone wall or wood paneling to some of your walls so that it looks more natural. Hanging shelves filled with small plants and wall-hanging books are also great items to add to this design scheme.

For furniture, use wooden tables with exposed wooden frames and chairs made from the same material. Use leather and wool fabrics for cushions in pillows, throws, and large sectionals. You can also create a space using small woven baskets and vases for flowers such as peonies, roses, tulips, and lilies. Add some nature-inspired artworks such as quotes about mother nature or naturescapes that have been painted on wood or stone pieces hung on the walls as well.

Flooring & Rugs

For a cottagecore interior design idea, it's also great to use stone floors when you have the budget for it. This is easily achieved by simply adding some natural-looking stone patterned carpeting or floor coverings to your floors. You can also use wood on your floor as well and use other natural elements such as wood veneers and wood panels on the floor to create walls for complete authenticity. A wooden table with a stone top and a wooden bench are also great items to add for decorating kitchens in this style. Another option is choosing textured carpeting with different shades of brown or grey color to achieve that warm rustic feel.


Another cottagecore interior design idea is to create a sun-seat paradise for your family. If you are doing this as part of a large update, this will only cost a little extra money. If you're creating a new home and starting fresh, you might want to include this in the overall budget if possible. Sun-seats are simply outdoor spaces that can be used to take in the sun on long summer days and nights by relaxing on couches, chairs, and hammocks set up outdoors. There is generally no flooring material used since it's just sand or soft grass. You can use wooden furniture such as hammocks and swings instead of heavy, bulky furnishings for indoor use.

Fire Place

Another cottagecore interior design idea is to create a cozy and warm fireplace. If you're in a tropical or desert climate, this may not be an option for you. However, in colder climates, this is an ideal setting for your home and will make for the perfect neighborhood get-togethers when the nights and winters get cold. Since most fireplaces tend to be made from natural elements like wood, stone, and brick, it's easy to achieve a cottagecore interior design idea with ease. You can choose stone or wooden mantles with rustic designs for your fireplace as well as warm-looking logs that can sit in there comfortably when you're ready to light up the fire pit.

Chock-Full Of Storage

The main idea when creating a cottage-style interior is to have as much storage and space available as possible. The nice thing about the cottage style is that it doesn't look like you have a bunch of clutter all over the place, but that's just because everything has been placed in its designated spaces and no one else can see it.

For your kitchen, choose cabinets and countertops in wood or stone for a natural look. Cabinets such as these are perfect for storing food whether you're in the country or within city limits. You should also choose metal appliances with a natural color scheme such as stainless steel to achieve a rustic feel while still being able to fit items inside them.

Bottom Line

If you want a cottage-style home, you're going to have to do a little more work. You're going to have to get creative with your budgeting and choose items that will give your home the look that you want while still allowing you to live comfortably. Just remember that it's all in the details, and adding just a few accents of cottage style here and there will make all the difference.


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