Asian Home Designs

Asian home designs have long fascinated people because they’re characterized by their grandeur and beauty that no other architecture can rival. Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of Asian homes in major cities around the globe with large Asian communities. However, if you’re curious about what makes them so special, here are some examples of different types of Asian home designs that will inspire you and hopefully convince you to build one yourself.

Classic style

Simple and, at the same time, elegant classic style is great for decorating private country houses. Such housing is able to well emphasize the refined taste of its owner and creates a feeling of solidity.

The main features of the "classic" style are:

  • the symmetry of forms and thoughtful layout;

  • the presence of decorative elements that fit well into the general view;

  • the presence of columns, forged gratings, balustrades, and bay windows;

  • use for finishing natural materials or their exact imitation.

Of course, the classic style is perfect for building because, in such houses, you can use almost any finishing materials and implement exterior and interior solutions that correspond to this direction.

Mid-Century Home with Warm Minimalist Aesthetic

The concept of the "minimalism" style is built on the use of only those details that are of great functional importance. In houses built within the framework of this direction, there are practically no decorative elements, and the severity of forms is clearly visible.

Among other features:

  • the simplicity of composition;

  • light shades predominate in color design;

  • the presence of a large number of windows and lighting elements.

In general, the main feature of a Mid-Century Home with a Warm Minimalist Aesthetic

 is to create an exterior and interior with a minimum of details and a maximum of free space. 

High tech

In its pure form, "hi-tech" is used very rarely - as a rule, the construction of a residential building in this style implies only some of its unique elements that are most organically combined with the spirit of minimalism.

The style was formed under the influence of the industrial concept of construction, which explains its following features:

  • conciseness, the severity of lines, a small number of decorative elements;

  • the predominance of metallic shades;

  • a large number of glass structures.

The high-tech style is ideal for connoisseurs of modern technology and people who prefer maximum functionality to elegance. 

East style

Many cottage settlements today are equipped in the oriental style. Houses built within this architectural direction are easily recognizable.

They are distinguished by the following characteristic features:

  • a roof equipped with up-curved slopes;

  • use of natural finishing materials:

  • the presence of a cozy and large terrace surrounding the house along its contour;

  • the carefully thought-out layout of the adjacent territory.


A Japanese-style house is built without a solid foundation, and supporting columns are placed on fortifications in the form of stones. This is necessary due to continental features. Due to the likelihood of earthquakes, it is necessary to provide safe conditions for humans and rapid recovery after destruction. For example, domed houses using Japanese technology are destroyed in seismically dangerous situations in such a way as to leave cavities for human shelter. Technology has already saved thousands of lives.

Country Style 

Despite the fact that this many-sided direction is able to change, adjusted for local house-building traditions, the main features of rustic country design remain unchanged.


  • Decoration of facades with elements in the appropriate national style.

  • Instead of elaborate decor, simple, concise, functional details are used.

  • Small windows usually have window sills, architraves, and shutters

  • The presence of a small balcony with openwork lattices and terraces.

  • Facade decoration with faceted stone.

  • Two- or four-pitched tiled or thatched roof of complex shape.

  • The basement is low and unfinished.

Let’s Sum Up 

Asian home designs are a great inspiration for anyone looking to create a new home. They can be particularly useful for those trying to create a new style or pattern in their own homes. There are many different types of Asian home designs that we have discussed, each with its own set of decorating and design rules that should be followed. 

Tell us in the comment section below which style you liked. 


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