25 New Inspirations & Trends For Your Kitchen

If you're stuck in a rut, your kitchen is looking pretty dull—or maybe even downright dusty. Here are twenty-five new ways to add some fresh new style and taste to your ole' kitchen without having to break a sweat.

1. Combine A Rustic Look With The Occasional Splash Of Color.

Formica cabinetry has been really popular for a while—especially in South Florida. There's something about the distressed look that makes room for a lot of style and color. Like, say, lime-colored Formica with white pedestals.

2. Create A Vintage Look With Painted Cabinets.

A little paint goes a long way when it comes to creating a beautiful vintage look. A smooth, polished look is perfect for any kitchen.

3. Remember That Your Cabinets Are Statement Pieces.

There's nothing cooler than an aged, distressed-looking kitchen that's full of homey charm. Add plenty of character and fun to their appearance by using lots of different tones and textures, as well as some decorative pieces like a wreath or antique chair at the base of each cabinet door.

4. Go All Out On The Backsplash With Tiles (Or Mosaic Tiles).

Nothing says "summer" better than a splash of beach tones! Try mixing different shades of green, blue, orange, and white, or paint the backsplash in one bold color.

5. Create Some Pop With Stainless Steel Appliances.

The look is sleek and modern. Plus, stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and keep clean to boot.

6. Paint Your Sinks A Pretty Jewel-Tone Color.

Marble-colored sinks are all the rage these days but don't overlook the chance to create a jewel tone effect on some other type of kitchen sink, like this black sink with a creamy white basin that's topped with pale gray stone tiles (below).

7. Update Your Lighting With Interesting Pendants.

Pendants and lighting could lift up the whole mood of the kitchen. So, invest in some interesting pendants and upgrade your lighting.

8. Upgrade Your Hardware, Like Knobs, And Handles.

You'll feel like a million bucks when you pull open the cabinet doors of these new knobs and pulls.

9. Dress It Up With A Wagon Wheel Chandelier, Or Hanging Baskets And Potted Plants.

Like, it's gotta be an idea, right? Given that reclaimed wood is back in style, there are a lot of wagons out there these days (not just the kind you ride in!).

10. Add A Little Height With A Mosaic Backsplash.

Kitchen walls are tall and boring—unless you add something like this cool mosaic backsplash.

11. Make It Look Vintage With Kitchen Chairs.

The secret to good style is balance, so go for vintage-looking chairs, but pick ones that aren't too ornate or dark in color—like the ones above, which have an easy shape that emphasizes the chair's rustic feel while still offering a pop of color!

12. Go Rustic With Butcher Block CounterTops (And An Island).

Rustic kitchen cabinets make an appearance here, but they don't serve as the anchor piece—instead, the true focus is the striking black butcher block countertop.

13. Use Modern Lighting.

A simple-looking light fixture with a frosted shade can really make a statement in a kitchen. Plus, bright lighting can help create a feeling of brightness at night that'll make you feel like you've never seen your kitchen look so fresh and new!

14. Set Decorative Bar Stools Or Bistro Chairs

Consider adding decorative bar stools or bistro chairs around the dining table (and maybe a painted wooden table). A painted table and chairs, add a little color and style to a small kitchen.

15. Mix Classic And Modern With A Large Oval Toaster Oven.

It looks good on the counter, but it also offers useful features like convection baking, an illuminated orange power-on light, two racks for baking two types of dishes at once, and double wall ovens for even better performance.

16. Give Your Kitchen Some Spice With Bistro Lighting Fixtures.

The candles are pretty enough but they don't have much in the way of real illumination (unless you turn on the light in the kitchen).

17. Add A Little Bling To Your Kitchen With Tassels.

Tassels are making quite a comeback in the world of kitchen towels. Try out some tasseled cups for an unexpected, charming detail for your kitchen.

18. Don't Forget To Add In Some Greenery With Potted Plants.

A potted plant can sometimes do the trick in bringing life back into an otherwise dull space.

19. Bring On The Color With Red-Hued Chairs And Decor Pieces.

Red is hot right now and it's not just for your bedroom—it's also perfect for the kitchen.

20. Add In Some Retro With Range Hoods (And Yes, They Do Exist!).

It's fun to think about all of the things that can be done within a kitchen—even if you don't have an actual range or oven!

21. Mellow Out Your Kitchen With Some Elegant Wall Art.

The clean lines of this wall art add an air of sophistication to any kitchen, even if it doesn't have any other features that are reminiscent of old-style kitchens.

22. Use A Bright Tablecloth Or Linen-Duvet For A Pop Of Color (Or Both).

The tablecloths—which are also duvets—are perfect for living large and comfy in a small kitchen.

23. Add In Some Modern Color With A White Sink And Backsplash.

This white monochromatic kitchen is all about the white—a contrast of clean lines and modernity.

24. Keep Things Modern With A Few Black Accents.

The black accents on this kitchen—which include a sleek countertop, cabinets, and island—add a modern-day feel without clashing with the other colors.

25. Create Storage Space With A Rolling Cabinet (Or Two).

This rolling cabinet offers plenty of storage for small kitchens, and it's also great for adding some color to the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Just remember, you don't need to do everything in your kitchen at once to bring a fresh new look! And if you're on the fence about a certain feature, there's no harm in testing it out by picking up a couple of items that'll get you started. You can choose to use the same ideas in your bathroom (as well as the rest of your home) or keep them specifically for the kitchen.

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