11 Surprising Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

11 Surprising Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


Did you know that the lack of natural light can actually lead to depression? It's true! Not only is natural light vital for our physical health, but it's also necessary for our mental well-being. And in these days of long, dark winters, it's more important than ever to find ways to get as much natural light into our homes as possible. So, what are some surprising ways to increase natural light in your home? Here are 11 of them:

1. Hang a mirror on a wall opposite a window

The reflective surface of a mirror will help to bounce light around the room, making it feel brighter and more open. For instance, if you have a small window in your bathroom, hanging a mirror on the wall opposite it will help to reflect the light and make the space feel larger. In fact, you can use this trick in any room of your house - it's a great way to make a dark and dreary space feel lighter and airier.

2. Paint your walls and ceilings white

While dark colors can make a room feel cozy, they can also make it feel small and cramped. On the other hand, painting your walls and ceiling white will help to reflect light, making the space feel brighter and more open.

3. Install solar tubes or skylights

If you're looking for a more permanent solution to increase natural light in your home, consider installing solar tubes or skylights. Solar tubes are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, and they can provide a significant amount of natural light. Skylights are another great option, but they can be more expensive and may require more work to install.

4. Use reflective surfaces

In addition to mirrors, there are other ways to use reflective surfaces to increase natural light in your home. For instance, you could hang a piece of art with a glossy finish or use metal accents to reflect light around the room.

5. Place your furniture strategically

When you're arranging your furniture, make sure to leave enough space for light to come in. For example, if you have a window behind your sofa, don't place the sofa directly in front of it. Instead, try putting a chair or table in front of the window to help let the light in.

6. Don't block the windows

This one may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning anyway! Make sure you're not blocking your windows with furniture, curtains, or other objects. If light can't get in, it can't brighten up your space.

7. Keep your windows clean

Dirty windows can make a big difference in how much light comes into your home. Make sure to clean your windows regularly - it'll make a world of difference.

8. Use light-colored window treatments

If you must use window treatments, choose ones that are light in color. Dark curtains or blinds will absorb light rather than reflect it, making your space feel darker.

9. Add more plants to your home

Not only do plants add a touch of beauty to your home, but they also help to purify the air. And as an added bonus, some plants can actually help to increase the amount of natural light in your home. For instance, placing a plant in front of a window can help to reflect light into the room.

10. Let the sunshine in!

This one may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning anyway. During the daytime, open your curtains or blinds to let the sunshine in. Not only will it help to brighten up your space, but it will also help you to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

11. Use artificial lighting wisely.

While artificial lighting can't replace natural light, it can help to supplement it. When using artificial lighting, make sure to use light bulbs that are bright enough to illuminate the entire room. And if possible, try to use energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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Benefits of Letting in Natural Light

Many people don't realize the benefits of letting natural light into their homes. In addition to making your space feel brighter and more open, natural light can also:

•    Help you to get your daily dose of vitamin D: this is especially important during the winter months when we don't get as much sun exposure.
•    Boost your mood: natural light has been shown to improve mood and fight depression.
•    Increase your productivity: workers who have access to natural light have been shown to be more productive than those who don't.
•    Help you to sleep better: exposure to natural light during the day can help to regulate your body's sleep cycle.
•    Save you money on your energy bills: since natural light doesn't require electricity to operate, it can help you to save money on your energy bills.
•    Purify the air: plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to purify the air in your home.
•    Help you to focus: natural light has been shown to improve focus and concentration.
•    Reduce eye strain: since natural light is easier on the eyes than artificial light, it can help to reduce eye strain.


To sum up, there are many ways to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Some of these include using reflective materials, placing your furniture strategically, and keeping your windows clean. So, what are you waiting for? Start letting the sunshine in!

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