10 Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas That You'll Love


Summer is coming to an end and you would like it to last as long as possible? We can't help you stop time, but we can make you feel the summer carefree atmosphere in your own home. A Mediterranean-style kitchen is guaranteed to create a room where you will enjoy cooking, as if you were preparing seafood on a sunny, hot day.


1. Warm, Earthern Hues

To avoid regrets later, be sure you like the Mediterranean style before committing to a full remodel of your current kitchen. You may use what you like from the examples above to give you a general sense of what to anticipate. If you already have a classic, rustic, or cottage-style kitchen, making the switch will be much less of a challenge than if you have a modern, sleek kitchen. Start with the background, and choose a warm color scheme that reflects the colors of the area.

2. A Touch of Fluidity

Kitchens that look more like rooms incorporate more than just the four walls. Kitchens are the most-used room in the house, and we want yours to be a place you enjoy spending time with family and friends. Add color and style to your kitchen with a few simple yet effective decorating elements. If your kitchen is newly renovated, you may have to be creative about how to work with these new elements. Luckily, you won't have to spend a lot of money to achieve great results!

3. Island Lighting and Appliances

Nothing livens up a kitchen more than beautiful lights and fixtures. The same goes for outdoor lighting upgrades. Look at all the lighting options available at your local hardware store, but be sure that your lighting choice complements the style of your kitchen. If you're thinking about hanging lights above your island or by the range, consider how they'll look with other features that may already be in place, such as cabinets, crown moldings, or accents on the ceiling or walls.

4. Hand-Painted Tiles

A simple method to get that hard-to-reach, genuine Mediterranean style is to use tiles in earthy tones for the flooring and hand-painted mosaic tiles for the walls and the backsplash. The kitchen is the heart of a traditional Mediterranean house, and as such, it is often decorated with elaborate designs and colorful prints. It's also a simple method for drawing attention to a certain area of the space without resorting to gaudy or excessive lighting.

5. A Touch of Wrought Iron

The Mediterranean kitchen is easily identified by the presence of wrought iron on the cabinet doors or enormous metal chandeliers that serve as the main attraction. Mesh doors are another popular option since they are affordable, offer a touch of metal, and have a somewhat country feel. Metal crests and other decorative elements with an antique finish seem completely at home in these warm and inviting cooking spaces.

6. Large, Oversized Pendant Lighting

One of the most popular trends in the Mediterranean kitchen is oversized pendant lighting, which can be used to brighten up a dark corner or add drama to specific features such as a fireplace or gorgeous decorating elements. You can even purchase stainless steel light fixtures that mimic wrought iron without the hefty price tag.

7. Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the most common materials you'll see in a traditional Mediterranean kitchen, but it's really just a fancy way of saying "stone." Compact granite is commonly used because it has many of the same sturdiness qualities with more variety and price options. Natural veining and color choices, along with the cost, eliminate any reason not to use these countertop options over other materials.

8. Rustic Shelves and Cabinet Accents

One way to make your kitchen look more Mediterranean is by adding rustic shelves and cabinet details to the space. Even if you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, adding a few rustic elements can make all the difference in your design scheme. You can find affordable yet high-quality shelves at most hardware stores, or you may already have some that are just waiting to be painted to match your kitchen cabinets or accent wall color.

Bottom Line

The Mediterranean style is typically an extension of your love for the outdoors and your passion for living your life to the fullest. These kitchen upgrades are doable with a little paint, a little elbow grease, and a sense of adventure. Expect to put some money into these projects as well, but this style is not as expensive as you may think. For more information, visit Dako Windows.

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